Catty Marlboro (1963 - )

Ms. Marlboro grew up in a repressive Catholic household in Brooklyn. To rebel, she spoke exclusively in Ubbi Dubbi for the first 12 years of her life. Her parents mistook this for possession by evil spirits and had her exorcised several times. ''Guboddubammubed Cubathubolubic chuburch hubas rubuined muby lubife!'' she wrote in her diary at the time. Things got better when she made friends with the McGeever girls who lived across the street. "They were Catholic, but the fun kind. Everything I needed to know I learned from those girls,'' says Marlboro. ''I can still touch my tongue to my right ear.'' Still, Marlboro managed to excel in school, studying drama and literature. In the late '90s, she found herself part of a group that called themselves the asinine poets. ''When they said they were 'asinine,' I thought they meant 'ass,' because that's all they seemed to talk about,'' says Marlboro. ''What kind of dinner conversation is that? Anyway, I kinda liked it.'' Ms. Marlboro was rumored to be involved with the late Raul Chuletas, at whose funeral she said, ''Hube wubas uba Pubuertubo Rubicuban, yubou knubow.'' She recently wrote a memoir of her time with the asinines called Minor Caricatures (Willie's Books, 2003).