Creeley Piker (1987 - )

The precocious and peripatetic illegitimate daughter of founder Houghton Piker and cat dancer/waitress/antique store owner Juniper ''Legs'' McCorkindale, Creeley Merlot Piker has spent most of her few years on this Earth on the lam. She did not know who her father was until she was 11, when she found among her mother's things love letters and poems scrawled on cardboard coasters from Mr. Piker. Creeley wrote him to ask for a sample of his blood for a blood test to determine paternity, but Mr. Piker sent only a jar of Bloody Mary mix. She ran away from home and tracked him down and, once she had explained she wanted no money from him, Mr. Piker accepted her as his own. She put down the .45 and they hugged. It was when she added that she wanted to move in with his family and get to know him, that he called the juvenile delinquent squad. ''I don't mind so much that father keeps sending me away,'' says Creeley. ''Because it's never maximum security, and I usually escape by the end of the first or second day, unless the coffee's good. Then I stay a week.'' Now somewhere on the West Coast (''I avoid red states like the plague they are,'' says Creeley), she has begun turning her turgid journal entries into powerful poetry, some of it her father is proud to call ''asinine.''