Joshua Farber (1975 - )

For ingesting coffee, Mr. Farber finds an IV works best, for he has been known to gnaw espresso beans while waiting for the coffee to perk. ''Without an hourly dose of caffeine, I turn into a pillar of saltpeter,'' notes Farber, who, back when he used at the Museum of Science in Boston was famous for wandering through the exhibit halls first thing in the morning and losing his coffee to the top of some exhibit. ''We used to hold 'find the abandoned coffee' scavenger hunts after breakfast meetings. Ironically, I seem to be too groggy to keep track of that first cup until after I have drunk the first cup.'' Farber actually drinks between 72 and 90 ounces of Espresso-ground French Roast a day. No fooling. ''I have dreams in which I am wrestling a coffee percolator, and wake relieved to find that I am actually a coffee percolator dreaming that I am me wrestling with a coffee percolator.''