Ook, Warrior Poet b. 1973

Ook is a first-level human barbarian. He has 15 hit points. His best move so far was the time he was with his party in a corridor ending in a locked door. On the other side of the door was a large group of archmages, and no one was sure how many. As we were all lined up in the corridor, the mages started shooting at him through the keyhole with a Wand of Lightning Bolt, and so Ook did what Ook does best. He took his punching dagger (a dagger strapped to the back of the hand so as to make a punch hurt a hell of a lot more) and punched through the keyhole. The wand had 49 charges of lightning still inside, each one capable of doing up to 40 points of damage, and so, er, boom. Ook killed 15 opponents and wounded every member of his party. It was awesome. His arch nemesis is The Spider Goddess.