Pajamaz, LOLcat Poet (2001 - )

It has been noted that LOLcat poet Pajamaz's intellectual style presents challenges to readers, obliging them to unravel the complexity behind the clarity of language, image, and furballs. Pajamaz was inspired by the flow and tension of LOLcat and the excitement that it made him feel. He said it was an feral experience that he has tried to reproduce in his work. Pajamaz is often praised by LOLcat critics for ''him grasp uv traditional metrical foarmz adn him ability ta evoek tymeless meanin within teh stricturez uv contemporary idiomz.'' Critics hail ''him ability ta imbue simple imagez--a durtee littah sleepin-area, floatin fish, teh mewzik uv Cat Powa--wif underlyin meanin ta creaet ordah owtta teh accidental eventz peeps encountah in deir livez.'' Commentators admire Pajamaz's juxtaposition of the personal with the universal, the present with the past, the tuna with the liver. Pajamaz lives in Rochester, N.Y., with a female biped who has not had a date in three years.