Juan Pastor (1975 - )

Mr. Pastor is a journalist and interactive copywriter specializing in advertising, pop culture, and new media. He was raised in the village of Pelo Malo (now a part of Mexico City), but because of his public support of reggaeton, he was forced into exile. In 1995, he abandoned his law studies and left for Yucatan to work at a school for peasants, workers, and transexuals with too-obvious Adam's apples. There, he began writing the first of his long, ambitious poems, ''Siesta of the Zombie'' (obviously influenced by T. S. Eliot), which describes the situation of the Mexican zombie under attack by vicious gringos in East L.A. A prolific lyricist, blogger, and instant messenger, Pastor has published scores of works, many of which have been translated into HTML. Originally he showed his solidarity with U.S. fast food companies during the early years of the 21st century, but he has since regretted that last excuse for a cheeseburger.