Meatball Brown (1979 - )

Bastard quadroon grandnephew of California governor Jerry Brown, rap singer/action-film star Meatball Brown follows in the important literary footsteps of such celebrity poets as Jewel, Leonard Nimoy, and Jimmy Stewart. Mr. Brown's extensive c.v. not only includes several albums (including Momma Said Smell My Finger, Willie Wigger n' Da Crack Ho Fact'ry, and Kong-Size Happy Meal, featuring his Emmy-winning updated version of Bread's ''Diary'') and several movies (including Marked for Exit, Hard for Death, and the Where's My Pants? movies--Where's My Pants I, II, and IV), it also includes several volumes of poetry (including One-Quarter Black Like Me, I Ain't No Spock Neither, Mos'ly Fatal Rhymz, and Gold-Plated Odes).A multimillionaire designer (his paisley polo shirts are all the rage) as well, Mr. Brown has been incarcerated three times, shot and/or stabbed four times, and switched his record label five times. He hates clowns, recently stopped smoking (cigarets), and is no doubt popping open a 40 oz. right now.