Douglas Turner b. 1981

Several years ago Mr. Turner worked at a retail store in Los Angeles. Says Mr. Turner, "The janitor-maintenance man of this establishment was a middle-aged Latino whose face had been disfigured in an automobile accident. The catch was, he was also a transsexual with breast implants, took estrogen, and wore makeup. And the breasts were fairly nice — in complete contrast to his face, which scared children when they came into the store. One day, I used the bathroom just before the busty janitor went in to clean it. Moments later, as I stocked shelves with my buddies, the janitor came roaring towards me out of the restroom, his breasts toggling as he ran. 'Doooglas!' he hissed. 'I am not your mommy! Comprende? You flush your own shitty toilet! I am not your mommeeeee!!'" Mr. Turner insisted that he had flushed but it didn't matter. The damage had been done.