Guynor Ngronski (1976 - )

Any animal expert knows that Mr. Ngronski is a home-loving creature who never strays more than a few miles from his natal lakes and streams. Yet in 1999, incredulous natives came upon him in a cane field hundreds of miles south of the steaming waters of Long Beach where he presumably should have been. The next morning, Guynor (as he liked to be called) was gone and it was believed he had headed north toward home. Soon, however, he was sighted, heading south. Newspapers all over the coast picked up the story when Mr. Ngronski moved into a field of cabbages. Nobody in those parts had ever seen a Mr. Ngronski before, much less one that ate cabbages. The 140-pound traveler went from one cabbage field to another, moving steadily southward. Months later, he appeared in a lake outside the large city of Bethlehem, PA, and hundreds of motorists drove out to see him.