Scott Barwick (1965 - )

Mr. Barwick first hit the literary scene with a bat. He then turned to Hollywood, where he worked on several feature film ideas with Joe Eszterhas (including the first draft of Showgirls, which Mr. Barwick originally envisioned as an all-midget western). The writing partners broke up after an argument over a Zatanna action figure and have not spoken to each other since. Mr. Barwick later settled in New York, where he found steady work in magazines (see Edelstein's Cable Guide Generations, Penguin Books, 2000); by then, even the shortest bit of his unbylined prose could be identified as "Barwickian." Family Circle recently heralded Mr. Barwick as one of the surliest and longest-haired writers of his generation. He enjoys Ranch One chicken sangwiches, but only when they're not serving the chicken chili.

Mr. Barwick has yet to write anything for asinine poetry.