Child poet Macky Sapling (1992 - )

At the age of three, child poet Macky Sapling was diagnosed by his construction worker dad as ''a real piece of work.'' Macky is afflicted with constant flatulence and endless boredom. Macky's mother has the same afflictions, but she drinks. Macky says he writes poetry to express his feelings about living with four parents and bringing peace to the world. His poems are about the fun of childhood — obsessing about God and death, learning to eat all your brussels sprouts, and being afraid of strange men. Macky has written 110 books of poetry; many have been published, according to Macky's mom, ''if you consider wiping them on the wall getting published.'' For several years, Macky Sapling has had three wishes: to share his message of peace; to be hugged by a stripper on Jerry Springer; and to meet his hero, former President Abraham Lincoln.