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What in tarnation is Asinine Poetry?!
Asinine Poetry is the journal of asinine poetry, a quarterly publication of asinine poetry, poetry that is, shall we say, asinine. To wit: Not necessarily bad; mostly kinda funny.

Why asinine?
Well, everything else in our culture has become asinine, from our music to our language to our leaders, so, hey, why not some fries with that grilled cheese sangwich? Milk? One might argue that human culture is asinine enough already, but then that would really bum our high.

Golly, I wrote a poem. Can I send it in?

Why the heck not?! As long as it's asinine, dear friend — which is not as easy as it would seem. Or, at least, we try to convince ourselves of that. Send in your poem(s), no more than 50 lines, and prose, 5,000 words max., by clicking on the slice of pie above, all to way to your right. Include your work in the body of the e-mail. No attachments will be opened! We reserve the right to edit your work to make it more asinine. You will be notified if and when your work will be posted. For more details on submissions, go here. Oh, and stop calling me Golly.

What's up with those biographies on the Hack page? Are they real?
Suuuuuure. Some of them are. But the editors reserve the right to completely fabricate your identity. You will be asked to make suggestions, of course, but it's the only fun the guards allow us to have, really.

You think you're pretty funny, don't you?
No, sir, just funny looking.

Is that all there is? Is there nothing more?

No, fans, there is more. Once or twice a year there are contests, such as the one we had on erotic verse. Check the front page for announcements. Plus, there'll be some other splendiferous stuff that we haven't thought of yet. Be patient, true believers!, and you shall be rewarded.

Yr. ob'd't. ser'v'ts,
The Editors

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