California, Sunday 10:02 a.m.

Inspired by the motion picture Vanishing Point

by J.D. Nelson

fingerpicked acoustic guitar.
more sirens, helicopter.

radio communication:
(police are looking for a suspect)

helicopter chasing
white 1970 Dodge Challenger --
bulldozer roadblock!
the driver turns 180 degrees.

(this is the most excitement
this small town has seen
in a while.)

more sirens --
cops coming from
the other direction.
the driver turns around again
& crashes thru
a barbed-wire fence.
he kicks up dust
in a wasteland of
abandoned cars & tires.

he gets out
to think things over
for a second
before taking off again.

RR crossing --
he flies over the

(I don't want to
spoil the beginning.)

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