"WAHOO! Wahoo!"
That's all I'll say to you.
If you ask for something new
I'll hoist my voice and shout "Wahoo!"

One might think it absurd
To singly shout this single word.
To "Wa!" and "Hoo!" all day
With nothing more to say.

Is my jingo lingo crazy?
Am I simply verbally lazy?
Is our language quite abused
To find syntax all but refused?

Though it might be eccentric
To be so logocentric,
I'll tell you this, my friend,
It's better in the end

To shout a single word
Than go through life unheard,
To limit lexiconally
The verbiage verbalizing out’ta me.

And so I urge you, dear,
To shout this far and near,
"Wahooing" to the heights
Through blazing days and mooning nights,

Take up my vernacular cause
With dependence on a dependent clause.
But if you prove my rhyme untrue
I'll turn my cheek and shout "Wahoo!"

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