On Clicking Reply All

PLEASE DISREGARD the following email
Concerning my life. It was sent in error.
In no way did I want you to
read about my mother and Pablo.

If you have already opened and perused
the personal yet errantly sent dispatch,
note that I fully support their congress,
And do not mind my inheritance going
To fund his artwork, even if my capital letters say differently.

Surely, if you read that, you nosy bastard,
You probably went on to read about the death
Of my beloved dog, Smuckers. It was an accident.
I stand assuredly behind my account.

And if you haven't reached the paragraph
that details my break-up with Charlene,
I encourage you to overlook the many, many
Emoticons. It was late, and words alone could not express her harlotry.

By deleting the email, you are clearly giving
me the privacy I most desperately seek in my time of need.
No, the email was not a cry for help or a sign of narcissism,
as many of  you suggested in your responses.

It was nothing more than an accidental click, for if I really
Wanted to share my life with you, I would've blogged.

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