The Waitress at the Waffle House

PIGS IN A BLANKET, nice and hot,
served by a waitress who is not.
Pancakes for breakfast, sausage too,
served with a nasty attitude.
She's got some yellow fingernails,
from cigarettes that she inhales,
and a bit of a moustache on her lip
that I think will affect her tip.
Then there's the hickeys on her neck,
left by a boyfriend, I suspect.
(The cook in the kitchen's got one too,
and it's a big one, black and blue.)
She's got some youngun's, three or four.
Doesn't plan on having any more.
But with the hickeys on her neck,
there will be others, I suspect.
She's in a bad mood — some guy "Walt,"
and seems to act like it's all my fault.
But though her demeanor really stinks,
she's got all her teeth and doesn't smile and wink.

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