To the skunk who sprayed the parking lot near La Madeleine's

THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN your last spray of the
day because I was just reading on Wikipedia
that it takes you like 10 days to make
another supply. Chances are, the hawks
are eating your carcass because
you probably crossed the interstate
after that to grab a bite to eat
and hang with your cronies
Ya'll were probably going to
head out north towards
the Panhandle
to go visit your folks,
maybe start up a little
hell around Dalhart
hell, you might have
just died a virgin,
that's a shame
Anyway, I hope for your sake
it all turned out for the
best and your little skunk
feet aren't turned
skyward, I hope
you met a little gal in
Texhoma that isn't too
much of a slut,
she shares some of your
same interests,
such as survival,
and gettin into
trouble outside
of pool halls, or the
hour pawn shops

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