Octavio's Peace

IF YOU ARE the humble hedgehog
              I am the farmer’s foot
If you are ribbed for her pleasure
            I am the microscopic tear
If you are a peaceful day
            I am the jackhammer crew
If you are the last copy
            I am the gust of wind
If you are cayenne pepper
            I am the missing gauze
If you are the great idea
            I am the forgetful pause
If you are the phase three trial
            I am the placebo pill
If you are a coupon saver
            I am a masturbator
If you are a lady fair and desirous
            I am a mosquito with Ebola Virus
If you are the lack of work
            I am the dearth of skill
If you are the yellow mountain
            I am the yellow snow
If you are the wind's leap
            I am the stale peep
If you are the ill-fitting boot.
           I am the farmer's foot.

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