The Hamster

IN THE CAGE on the wall in the house on the road
The parakeet twittered and feinted
The hamster bumped chair legs and feet in his ball
To tell us our logic was tainted.
And I lifted my beer
For a toast of good cheer
As our hostess sat smiling demurely
But all of my words
Fell down dead like small birds
And the parakeet twittered unsurely.
At the hour of ten it was cards once again
And the hamster was spinning insanely
I had no complaint though the hour was late
And by then it was beer speaking mainly.
At a quarter of one the beer still was not done
And the room hung in blue haze of smoking —
The parakeet died when her eyes turned inside
But the hamster said she was just joking.
And our hostess had left us at midnight
And our host lay asleep in his chair
And the hamster was spinning in primal delight
And he said "You could too if you'd dare."
And the weather vane dove through the ceiling
Then impaling our host where he sat
And then you said, "Fred, man, he's better off dead —
The man was unbearably fat."
And then in the twilight of morning
Our hostess showed bag eyed and gray
And the hamster was laughing and counting his ticks
And we saw there was never an end to his tricks
And we took him and gave him his thirty nine licks —
But we never thought then what we'd pay.

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