My Twitter Wedding

HE FOLLOWED ME because I made him grin;
After a few exchanges, I followed him.
Our courtship you might say didn't last long:
He wooed me with a YouTube song
and various sweet nothings, so before I knew
We got married on Twitter, as you do.
His proposal, it was short and sweet
— there's only 140 characters in a tweet.
We shopped at Etsy for my wedding frock
and searched Reverb Nation for a band that rocked.
My maid of honour and his best man
Were selected from Twitter's most ardent fans.
The biggest challenge wasn't the ring or the vows
But to get our hashtag trending somehow.
Our presents — all virtual for this digital age —
Got discounts if you liked our Facebook page.
You could gift us with Paypal to show undying friendship;
Crowd sourcing funded our honeymoon trip.
We've got a bright future of pithy ripostes,
We'll snuggle in bliss over on Google+.
My lover and I will be so very happy tweeting;
We're really looking forward to finally meeting.

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