Drawing the Line

I'VE NEVER been a perfect saint,
I'll readily concede.
I've parked my car in loading zones.
I've smoked a little weed.
In a penny ante poker game
I may have palmed an ace.
But I've never, to my knowledge,
even tried to eat a face!
You can say a face looks "tasty"
with a bright, appealing smile,
but although it seems old-fashioned,
I don't party Donner style!
A love bite can be intimate.
French kissing has its place.
But with me it isn’t literal
to talk of "chewing face!"
Now, I'm certain to continue
in my life of vice and sin.
Though I'll just say no to bath salts,
I'll imbibe my share of gin.
My weaknesses may lead me
into scandal and disgrace,
but I think I'm safe in promising
I'll never eat a face!

Originally published on The Daily Rhyme.

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