Takei Curious

I'M NOT a big celebrity
Or star of stage and screen.
You ll never see my causes hyped
In People magazine.
I've got no flair for drama
And I like myself that way,
But I still can't help but wonder
What it's like to be Takei!

I'd be charming, I'd be witty,
Never nasty, crass or crude.
I guess I'd still be married,
Though my spouse would be a dude.
On Hulu I'd be Sulu
And I'd trek the Milky Way.
I'd often do my happy dance
To think I was Takei!

I'd post amusing photos
In a steady-flowing stream.
With fifty billion Facebook fans,
I'd be a human meme!
I'd set my sights on Broadway
With Allegiance as my play,
And I'd shout for all the world to hear,
"It's good to be Takei!"

Originally published on The Daily Rhyme.

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