Little Red Light

WAITING for the Red Light
Or the small electric knell
Like the good dog Zolotisty
Just waiting for his bell

I've been classically conditioned
Pavlov wouldn't think it strange
My response to this old stimulus
Ingrained too deep to change

Just one flash of brilliant red
One sounding of its tone
Makes my heart leap into my head
And my hand dart for my phone

Predictable as a wasp on speed
The stimulus applied
Invokes my conditional response
I will not be denied

No fumbling with controls
No pretense of nonchalance    
One message read with lightning speed
One rapid-fire response
Post-text I wonder
Was I too quick?  Should I have given it more thought?
Was that reply a major blunder?
Should I be distraught?

Again, the red light will not flash
The tone, it gives no clue
While the stimulus is reapplied
On the other end to you

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