Found Lunch

"Mature Cheddar, Pickle":
sandwich sold in Pret A Manger

Long had known better.
Warned unripe daughters,
Laid down law and orders
RE with whom to mix:
"The blues you must nix —
They'll make you blue too.
The Swisses you'll see through,
But Greek cheeses seduce you,
Then just crumble away.
'Fetaccompli,'" they will say.
Unpasteurized? You risk infection:
With those French, you need protection.
And as for their Bries:
Dominique S-K of cheese.
Rich crackers will shrug you off,
Bread will go all stale or soft.

But attend to this verse:
        "The pickle is worse.
        Fear it, dear daughters.
        The pickle is worse."

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