Oh, Seattle!

You are an avocado,
tasteless and anemic green,
Made of stuff which can
be squeezed through the teeth.
Oh, Seattle
Where are your potholes?
Your pedestrians only cross at your corners.
Your buses and your taxis only whisper.
Seattle, your homeless are on the payroll
of your Chamber of Commerce.
They wear hemp and sport cute doggies.
They beg in the streets for coffee money.
Your young buy their costumes at
The Kurt Cobain Shop at Banana Republic.
Oh, Seattle
Where is your strain?
And your suffering?
Your alienation and grime?
Have your caffeine buzzes deprived you of dreaming?
Seattle, why do your mountains hide behind clouds?
Seattle, you have answered the question,
What if Janis Joplin had married Walt Disney?
And given him enough children
to populate a town at the foot of a mountain?

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