These Are the Notes I Leave

I HATE YOU for getting deep in texts,
sending pictures of historical buildings.
I hate you for making me fantasize about your ass,
wearing jeans that hide its true figure.
I hate you for your unoriginality,
planning events and calling it art.
I hate you for sometimes sounding like my Aunt Diane,
unexcited by this wondrous life.
I hate you for the weird taste you get in your mouth
that I pretend to like when we kiss.
I hate you for pretending you don't have money.
I hate you for bringing me unrequested burritos
then remembering you forgot the queso.
I hate you for your handsome brothers that don't mind
your obvious affection in my ear.
I hate you for writing abstract poetry,
then stating those trees stood for religion.
I hate you for telling me the day's reminders of me,
anything having to do with rivers.
I hate you for making me go one over so that
I cannot title this "10 things I hate about you."
Goodbye, my hate.

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