5 Surprising Things That Are Ruining Your Teeth

SMILING under false pretenses
Laughing at some Big Bang Theory one-liner
Something you didn't find funny at all
But that laugh track, you followed it
Like a soon-to-be-dentured fool

Smirking, contorting face muscles into ironic twists,
this loosens the gums so much
That "I love yous," "I promises," &
"Of course I'll visit you in the nursing home, Moms"
echo hollowly in your imminently hollow mouth

Listening to Robin Thicke music
On ear buds you never remove
destroys your sense of taste
desiccates your tongue, which falls out,
taking your rotted incisors with it

Eating while watching TV allows the lies
what politicians and newscasters say
drill like acid through the enamel shell
deadening the nerve pulp
creating cavities, caving in with your cheeks

And not flossing

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