You’ll Never Guess That I’m Using a Pseudonym

YOU’RE LOOKING at my name now and dislike
not knowing. Wazzat? Wheresitfrom? Have I

dated one of these?

Male? Female? Trans? If so, what a coup,
a journal editor would think, and this other

poet could be in a wheelchair, will have to
Google to be sure

Putting the best face forward on the best
face to put forward, if I namecheck

jasmine or jacaranda, muktuk or Miro berries,
try patois, simulate a’ Otherly cadence,

I could crawl out of my own literary ghetto

Move on up to the big leagues, speaking fees,
being required on syllabi

Even the wise may dream of foolishness

If you did see my true face would you be
more impressed or less

I've changed my pen name so many times now
I don't know what I look like

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