Take a Masterclass with Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau!
for only ninety US Dollars
you can watch videos
taught by the great
nature writer Thoreau,
he will offer tips
on how to find
a publisher,
take a walk without
modern distractions,
fish in a real pond--
not catch and release,
you will actually catch
and not release!
you will eat it!
you will learn to become a
"wild man" or "wild woman"
with a slender lunch and
seek water with a stick,
you will learn about squirrels
and birds and fish and
woodchucks and skunks
and beans,
you will receive feedback
from fellow nature writers
and develop and grow
in your ability to
spot the first
sparrow of spring!
don't delay,
Thoreau is patiently
waiting for
your MasterCard number

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