Outlaws of the Norm

THERE IS A FINE pleasure in the forbidden for all things sexual.

Coupling outdoors in a public park, quickly, before the police are summoned, you can feel the encouraging cool touch of nature.

It is what makes housewives cuckhold their husbands while their husbands watch. It is what makes the flasher dream of getting one million Likes for his penis before Facebook takes down the picture and bans him forever.

It is what the teenager thinks of when she lets boyfriend go anal in her parents' bed.

It is the pleasure of the carnal innuendo whispered at a Monday morning meeting, or of the clenched fist in an impossibly small orifice.

This is not the sad escalation of pornography -- it is the renewing surprise of the sensual, of the life.

Picture giving or receiving a handjob in the front row at a Broadway show. Would Patti Lupone stop that show?

Once our neighbors asked us to videtotape them having sex, and then to grade them on performance. They did poorly, but they claim it saved their marriage.

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