Still I Run: A Poem for Hillary Clinton

After Maya Angelou

YOU MAY TWEET that I'm a liar,
Slave to every corporation under the sun,
You may call me an evil warhawk,
But still, like Bill after a skirt, I run.

Does my intelligence upset you?
What fills you with such bile?
Because I'm constantly photographed
And may have to force a smile?

Just like apples in the fall,
And like Seinfeld's endless fun
Like another select Benghazi committee,
Still I run.

¿Crees que me someto a las ideas de otras?
Es no como senadores que gritan sermones
No como alcaldes que besan a los bebés
Y que pretenden afecciónes.

Did you want to see me gone?
As a woman who failed the test,
A footnote in the history books,
Silenced by a stained dress

You can bomb me with attack ads,
You can say that I'm inhuman
You can search through all my email,
But still, like the blood of our soldiers overseas, I run.

Do you want a Nazi wall-builder?
A futurist he's not.
Or Bernie of La Mancha?
Then I'm the only choice you've got

Away from the shadows of famous men
I run
Through a ceiling of glass
I run
I run like a river, against all your bets
Mightier and mightier, picking up delegates.

Leaving behind years of accusations and investigations
I run
Into a future of accusations and investigations
I run
Bringing the hopes that my sisterhood gave me,
I am the dream of the wife and the mother,
the sister and the daughter, and also
transgender women as well, trans men — I guess, you know, before,
and cross-dressers, might as well count cross-dressers?
In any event
I run
I run
I run

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