Rhetorical Modes with Which My Wife and I Failed to Cue the Car Salesperson

1. Narration
Me: "This one here is really something, but we're both English professors. We're talking, like, barely middle class here. Lower, lower middle, somewhere."
Neesha (my wife): "We were looking into getting one of those years ago, remember?"
Me: "Right. My God, what were we thinking?"
Neesha: "It was pretty unrealistic then."
Me: "It's pretty unrealistic now."
Salesperson: "It's got great trunk space."

2. Description
Me: "Pretend that middle class is like a pull-up bar. We are barely doing a pull-up."
Salesperson: "What a lot of folks do is lease. You pay for a while, then when it makes more sense, you buy."
Me: "You know how when you do a pull-up, once you're up, that's like, as high as you go? That's like us, with, again, the bar being the bottom of the middle class, and our arms like, wobbling."

3. Argumentation
Neesha: "We're thinking something maybe $15,000 to $19,000, max., before the trade-in. Low teens is what we're going for here."
Salesperson: "I can get you into this new Pathfinder for $30,000."
Neesha: "..."
Salesperson: "With the dealer rebates, it's basically just as cheap if not cheaper than getting one used."
Neesha: "But we're not looking for a new Pathfinder. We're looking for, ideally, a vehicle that costs ten to twenty thousand dollars less than that."
Salesperson: "There's so much more leg room in them, though. I wouldn't want to ride around in the back row of one of those other kinds we have."
Me: "You could just lie down in the back row, I mean just pull your feet up by the window and, you know, ride."
Salesperson: "Let me go get the keys. You're going to love that new Pathfinder."

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