just listen to them!

NEVER one to look askance at a fad, we decided to once again try our hands at the asinine podcasts, hoping for greater success than asinine pet rocks and asinine snuggies.

Episode 94: Rise of the Planet of the Asinine
Including: "Dirtnap" by J.R. McCarthy; "Henry Rollins" by Richard Tyrone Jones; "Asinine Halloween Haiku" by Fenway Parker, via Songify; "How Little Red Riding Hood Came to Be Eaten" by Guy Wetmore Carryl (read by Stoney Emshwiller)
Episode 93: Asinine Night 3D
Includes: "Self-Portrait of the Artist," by Vernon Waring; "Nancy Grace Bitchslaps My Muse," by Figgie Creamcheese; "A Pretty Girl" and "How Strange Are Dreams," by J. Gordon Coogler; "This Is My Mind, This Is My House," by William Wesley Ankrum
Episode 92: Captain Asinine
Includes: "Budget Meeting," by Doug Draime; "The Worst Person/The Best Person," by "The Litany of Seven," by Jessy Randall and Daniel M. Shapiro; "The Litany of Seven," by Jekwu Anyaegbuna; "You're Such a Great Poet," by P-Woody; "Trailer Park Dog," by Daniel Sciarra
Episode 91: Mission Asinine: Asinine Protocol
Includes: "Beach Manager Blues," by Natalie M. Dorfeld, PhD; "I Am Catfish," by Dustin Michael; "¿Donde Está La Casa de Pepe?" by Colonel Drunky Bob; "After Thoreau," by David Alpaugh; "Pebble in My Shoe," by P-Woody; "A Young Lady of Niger," by William Cosmo Monkhouse. With readings via our iPhone app.
Episode 90: Asinine: First Class
Featuring: "Dickhead," by William Trowbridge; "Bananas," by Marc Carver; "Master Debate on May 22, 2011," by G. Nash; "Comic Miseries," by John G. Saxe; and "Half the Russian Wrestlers," by Michael Frissore
Episode 89: Water for Asinines
Includes: "Ta" by Bill Jansen; "Malediction: Vile Roach" by Callie Cardamon; and "The Height of the Ridiculous" by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. And featuring poems recorded by fans of our new iPhone app.
Episode 88: Your Asinineness
"App" by Richard Cairo; "I Told Her I Would Be" by Michael Frissore; "World's Biggest Fool" by William Trowbridge; "There Was a Professor of English" by K.A. Laity; "Figgie Hears English Is Dead as Latin or French or Physics or Doornails" by Figgie Creamcheese; "The Passionate Freudian to His Love" by Dorothy Parker. Incidental music by Kevin MacLeod.
Episode 87: The Asinine Bureau
Includes: "Green Day" by Lars Nyberg; "Experiment: Bourbon as Catalyst" by Robin Blackburn; "Un Brindisi a Silvio Berlusconi" by Daniel Thomas Moran; "To the skunk who sprayed the parking lot near La Madeleine's" by Melanie Browne; "When One Says" by Nettie Parker Bauman; "Octavio's Peace" by Matt Medina; and "Asinine St. Patrick's Day Poem No. 9" by Fenway Parker. Incidental music: Kevin MacLeod.
Episode 86: Gnomeo and Asinine
Featuring: "Sign of the Times" by Scott Emmons; "The Dance of Halitosis" by John Muth; "Divorced White Female Seeking Someone Else" by Robin Blackburn; "When Spontaneous Love Poems Go Bad" by Robin Archbold; "Asinine Valentine No. 24" by Fenway Parker
Episode 85: The King's Asinine
G. Nash's "Jack and the Beans Talk" an airy fairy tale