just listen to them!

NEVER one to look askance at a fad, we decided to once again try our hands at the asinine podcasts, hoping for greater success than asinine pet rocks and asinine snuggies.

Episode 84: Asinine Grit
Includes: "In Retrospect" by Sarah M. Duncan; "The Waitress at the Waffle House" by Albert Van Hoogmoed; "One of Those Faces" by Douglas Turner; "After Being Mistaken for Steven Spielberg for the Seventh Time" by Daniel Thomas Moran; "A Small Tornado Sweeps" by Michael Frissore. Music from http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free.
Episode 83: Asinine Swan
Poems include: "Oy to the World" by Scott Emmons, "Online Shopping with Wine" by Suet Go, "Krampus! He Is Coming to Town!" by The Bare-Fanged Contessa, "The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus" by Ogden Nash, "Asinine Christmas Poem No. 7" by Fenway Parker. Incidental music from Incompetech.com.
Episode 82: Mega-Asinine
Poems include: "the ShopRite turkeys who live in fishnet sacks," g.g. trollings; "Name Tags," Larry Lawrence; "Trying to Talk with a Werewolf," The Bare-Fanged Contessa; "On Clicking Reply All," Sean Walsh; "Walking," Marc Carver; and "Asinine Thanksgiving Poem No. 11," Fenway Parker.
Episode 81: Asinine Stuff
"Stuff," Asinine Halloween prose by Stoney Emshwiller, author of "The Host"
Episode 80: Let the Asinine In
Poems: "Myself for Halloween" by Dustin Michael; "For the Undead" by The Bare-Fanged Contessa; "Autumn Moon Happy Scary Costume Time" by Suet Go; "I died for pizza—but was scarce" by Apple Dickinson; "A Hundred Years from Now" by Alex Galper; "Cayce at the Bat" by Robert Edelstein
Episode 79: Asinine Never Sleeps
Poems from our September 2010 issue: "so you want to be a writer," by Charles Bukowski: "Curse You, Bukowski," by Rick Blum; "Free Speech Zone," by Gary Lehmann; "WAHOO," by Russ Brickey; "I made Two Pizzas--," by Apple Dickinson; "I like MHO because it is better than ur," by g.g. trollings; and "Hal-Ku No. 17," by Hal Sirowitz. Incidental music by http://incompetech.com. Theme music by GhostRockit.
Episode 78: Eat Pray Asinine
Learn how to host a poetry reading with these easy-to-follow directions from Shay Tasaday. Incidental music by Kevin MacLeod.
Episode 77: Asinine for Schmucks
Poems by Melanie Browne, Bill Jansen, Suet Go, Apple Dickinson, and G. K. Chesterton
Episode 76: Asinine Ape, Parts 1 and 2
"A Not So Perfect Day for Monkeyfish" by Creeley Piker
Episode 75: The Asinine's Apprentice
Poems include: no movie u have ever seen,obvs ever by gg trollings; The 100-Light-Year-High Club by Scott Emmons; Don't Listen to Polonius by Heather Dubrow; A Bubble by Ambrose Bierce; and Baking with Wine by Suet Go.