just listen to them!

NEVER one to look askance at a fad, we decided to once again try our hands at the asinine podcasts, hoping for greater success than asinine pet rocks and asinine snuggies.

Episode 64: Ninja Asinine
Poems by Hal Sirowitz, Katharine Showalter, Barry Secretagent, and Euretha Maki
Episode 63: Paranormal Asinine
Poe's The Raven, asininely
Episode 62: Where the Asinine Things Are
Poems by the great Graham Everett
Episode 61: Cloudy with a Chance of Asinine
Poems by Hal Sirowitz, R. Narvaez, and Fenway Parker
Episode 60: Asinine Poetry Happens
Prose by Stoney Emshwilller and Ed Kornfeld
Episode 59: Asinine Poetry and the Public Option
Poems by Dustin Michael, Gary Lehmann, and Richard Cairo
Episode 58: Asinine Poetry and the Half-Drunk Prince
Poems by Kat Wopat, Stoney Emshwiller, Albert Van Hoogmoed, and Mr. K
Episode 57: Asinine Poetry and the Dead Celebs
Poems by Mal Torme, Micahel J. Bayer, Catty Marlboro, and Gordon Stanley
Episode 56: Asinine Trek
Poems by Gordon Stanley, Matt Galleta, and Emma Zelle
Episode 55: Asinine Salvation
Poems by Katharine Showalter, Dustin Michael, and Hal Sirowitz