just listen to them!

NEVER one to look askance at a fad, we decided to once again try our hands at the asinine podcasts, hoping for greater success than asinine pet rocks and asinine snuggies.

Episode 44: Asinine in the City
Poems by Albert Van Hoogmoed, Richard Cairo, Daniel Thomas Moran
Episode 43: Asinine Court, Part 2
Justin Courter reads
Episode 42: Asinine Court, Part 1
Justin Courter reads some of his poems
Episode 41: Asinine Classics Recital
P. Woody reads Silverstein, Lawrence, Updike, and Lehrer,
Episode 40: Agathine Poetry
Juliette Avila incorporates Agatha Christie into everyday conversation
Episode 39: AsininOz
Poems by Avila, Marlboro, and Frimmit
Episode 38: Asinine Avilanche
Poems by Juliette Avila and VS Frimmit
Episode 37: Asinine Erotic Poetry, Part 3
Even more naughty poems from our recent Erotic Poetry contest, by Greenwood, Blackburn, Sweeney, and Cathay
Episode 36: Asinine Erotic Poetry, Part 2
More poems from the Asinine Erotic Poetry contest, by Showalter, Galper, Ochs, Schwartz
Episode 35: Asinine Erotic Poetry, Part 1
Poems from the Asinine Erotic Poetry contest