just listen to them!

NEVER one to look askance at a fad, we decided to once again try our hands at the asinine podcasts, hoping for greater success than asinine pet rocks and asinine snuggies.

Episode 14: Asinine Reloaded
"Commutation Series 4" by i am water, "Farting Friend" by Xander Floss, "Untitled 2" by the Lazy Poet
Episode 13: Holiday Spirits
A new Christmas classic! "Little Drunken Boy" performed by Raul Chuletas and friends
Episode 12: The Poet, the Sop, and the Sofa
"Locu Commutation Series 2" by i am water, "Asinine Valentine 11" by Fenway Parker and "Locu Commutation Series #3" by i am water
Episode 11: Asinine and Robin
"Asinine Valentine #56 by Fenway Parker, "Christ at 13" by R. Narvaez, and "Locu #4" by i am water
Episode 10: Asinine Forever
"The Scene" by ern modern, "Pancakes" by Phillip Lee, and "Locu #2" by i am water
Episode 9: Mission to Moscow
"Locu #3" by i am water; "I Don't Mean to Hurt Your Feelings" by Roger Unrequited; and "Do Cow Explode if They Aren't Milked?" by Phillip Lee
Episode 8: Citizens on Patrol
"Ode to That Massage" by Roger Unrequited, and featuring "Love is A Vise" by ern modern and "Dog Poetry" by Phillip Lee
Episode 7: Back in Training
Includes:"Here's Looking at You" by P-Woody and "Asinine Valentine No. 22" by Fenway Parker
Episode 6: The Bride of Asinine
Includes: "Your Name Here" by P-Woody and "Christmas Earrings" by Roger Unrequited
Episode 5: The Asinine's Daughter
Includes: "Little Boy Blue," by April Clinton, and "Jenny's Song," by Roger Unrequited