just listen to them!

NEVER one to look askance at a fad, we decided to once again try our hands at the asinine podcasts, hoping for greater success than asinine pet rocks and asinine snuggies.

Episode 4: The Son of Asinine
Includes: "Valentine No. 47," by Fenway Parker, and "Inez My Dental Technician," by R. Narvaez
Episode 3: The Asinine Strikes Back
Includes: "An Ode to Girls in Glasses," by Name and Address Withheld by Request, and "There's a Pebble in my Shoe," by P-Woody
Episode 2: Return of the Asinine
Includes: "Catching Cupid" and Poem No. 61."
Episode 1: Enter the Asinine
Includes: "Eating Broccoli at 6pm," by R. Narvaez, and "Asinine Valentine No. 11," by Fenway Parker