the prose knows

"Controversy Surrounds the De Los Pendejos Translations" by Rawley Pierce
"'The Edge Needs to Stop Being A Dick about Getting Iced" by Adam Bulger
"Essentials of Asinine Writing" by Shay Tasaday
"Essentials of Asinine Writing, a Rebuttal" by Houghton Piker
"For the Love of Neurotics" by Daniel Thomas Moran
"Just How It Happened, or Jesus Takes a Business Trip" by Daniel Thomas Moran
"How to Host a Poetry Reading" by Shay Tasaday
"I Hate Babies" by Judy Maitland Reggio
"The Ladies Who Shop — at Christmas" by Judy Maitland Reggio
"The Scourge of Unlawful Infants" by Stoney Emshwiller
"The Stakes" by Milq Sheik Kul
"Tie Goes to the Dog" by Dustin Michael
"A Woman and Her Secrets" by Ed Kornfeld
"Will the Rainbow Be Connected? Never!" by Adam Bulger

"An Open Letter to J-Lo" by Raul Chuletas
"Love Letter to an Oxygen Thief" by Colonel Drunky Bob
"United We Stand . . . Still" by Rick Blum

"Corporate Gag Gift" by Marybeth Niederkorn
"Jack and the Beans Talk" by G. Nash
"The Lady Bug" by Bill Jansen
"Red Meat & Satan" by J.C.
"Zoltan!" by Raul Chuletas
"Roadheadless Horseman" by Dustin Michael
"She Says" by Stoney Emshwiller
"Stuff" by Stoney Emshwiller
"World's Number One Bukowski Fan" by David Ochs
"What Brought This On?" by Gerald So

flash fiction
"Dress for the Dog" by Marina Rubin
"Welcome to America: The Bag" by Marina Rubin

"The Business of Death" by J.C.
"From the Files of Renowned Clairvoyant K.C. Eddie" by Ray Freed
"Futile Endeavor: The Treatment" by P-Woody
"The Rubber Fitting" by J.C.
"Waiting for Mr. Squiggles" by Stephen Du Marais and Richie Narvaez