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We could play the pauper poet, the beret-laden friend of yours whose bar tab you always have to cover. But we know you're getting a wee tired of that. So instead we're hawking stuff -- asinine books and clothing for you to buy! With money! Not only are these products enjoyble and endearing, but if you buy enough of them maybe we'll be able to buy you a round some time.

Cafepress White Tee

The New Asinine T
The most comfortable asinine t-shirt ever!
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Cafepress Mug

The Asinine Mug
Fill this loverly vessel with hot whiskey. Or tea. Or tea with whiskey.
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Cafepress Qpid Ringer

QPid Jr. Ringer Tee
Women's Tee featuring the Asinine Cupid
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Amazon Asinine Love Poetry

Asinine Love Poetry
Love means having to buy something nice every once in a while.
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Cafepress Childhoods Smells

Childhood's Smell
by R. Narvaez
An asinine poetry chapbook
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Cafepress Childhoods Smells

Funny poems about 9/11? How could anyone dare?!
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Cafepress Cap

Asinine Cap
You ain't doffed nothing yet till you've worn this unique cap made from a million pieces of lint.
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Cafepress Teddyness

Give it to a loved one, or attach it to the front of your truck! Teddy doesn't mind.
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Cafepress Tote Baggage

Tote Baggage
Rumored to be hand-crafted by alien beings from Ceti Alpha VI.
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