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I Am But Summer to Your Heart

June 7, 2012 - by Mr. Shay Tasaday, Editor in Chief

THIS ISSUE’S VERSE: To begin, Ms. K.A. Laity offers a progressive work, one which more than decisively affirms, as one might expect, the perspicacity and concupiscence of this extraordinary journal’s mise-en-scène. Mr. Scott Emmons favors us with a poem that allows one to view the world in context of a post-racial, socially mediated age and its arrival as one of the multitude of paradigms exemplifying Eliot’s “braining-eating walkers”. For his part, Mr. Hal Sirowitz jarringly apposes a sense of immediacy with a sense of theater re: clothing technology. Similarly, Ms. Fauna Gille‘s work illustrates a historic breakthrough technically and compositionally, as well as being loaded, like David Seville’s better work, with tragic and metaphysical portent. Meanwhile, Mr. Robert D. Lyons sheds light on a post-suburban landscape that embodies the technocratic sophistication of, say, Adam Sandler. En fin, for our flashback, Mr. Suet Go writes with admirable clarity and concision on a subject of extreme complexity, avec corned beef.

IN PROSE: Cleverly apropos of current cultural memetics, Mr. Jonathan Swift sharply defines a stunning moment in literary tradition based strictly on a jaundiced cynicism, with a pint of Guinness.

IN CLASSICS: Our patron saint, Mr. Samuel Ellsworth Kiser debuts here, showing off his loverly, inflammatory baubles.