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“In the Fire of Spring / The Winter Garment of Repentance Fling”

May 15, 2013 - by Mr. Shay Tasaday, Editor in Chief

THIS ISSUE’S VERSE: Huzzah to spring! We begin this issue with Mr. Daniel Thomas Moran, who offers a progressive work, one which more than decisively affirms, as one might expect, the perspicacity and concupiscence of this extraordinary journal’s mise-en-scène, avec heavy rainfall. Mr. Matthew Yeager favors us with a poem that allows one to view the world in context of a post-racial, socially mediated age and its arrival as one of the multitude of paradigms exemplifying picnic basket aesthetics. For his part, Mr. Bill Jansen jarringly apposes a sense of immediacy with a sense of theater re: high beef prices. Similarly, Ms. Heather Dubrow‘s work illustrates a historic breakthrough technically and compositionally, as well as being loaded, much like CBS’s tired fall lineup, with tragic and metaphysical portent.  What starts out as triumph soon becomes corroded into a cacophony of futility in Ms. Lynn Ciesielski‘s powerful composition, allegedly written while watching Castle. All the while, Ms. Melanie Browne sharply defines a stunning moment in literary tradition based strictly on a jaundiced cynicism, with Tom Brokaw.

IN PROSE: Cleverly apropos of current cultural schadenfreude, Mr. Richard Cairo sheds light on a post-suburban landscape that embodies the technocratic sophistication of, say, Tea Party hypocrisy. Simultaneously, Ms. Catty Marlboro writes with admirable clarity and concision on a subject of extreme complexity, understood only by advanced civilizations not yet discovered.

IN CLASSICS: As momentary phenomena become distorted through diligent and critical practice, Ms. V.S. Frimmit raises important question about space-faring extinct reptilian species. With influences as diverse as Sappho and Miley Cyrus, Mr. Fenway Parker offers new variations manufactured from both explicit and implicit socially constructed discourse.