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“At Tables Outside Supermarket Doors”

January 15, 2014 - by Mr. Shay Tasaday, Editor in Chief

Bad tattooTHIS ISSUE’S VERSE: Welcome back to another inevitable issue of Asinine Poetry that you never asked for. We begin this birthing-of-the-year issue with Mr. Jeff Coomer, who offers a progressive work, one which more than decisively affirms, as one might expect, the perspicacity and concupiscence of this extraordinary journal’s mise-en-scène, avec memos. Mr. Kenneth Nichols favors us with a poem that allows one to view the world in context of a post-racial, socially mediated age and its arrival as one of the multitude of paradigms exemplifying office life. For his part, Mr. Daniel Thomas Moran jarringly apposes a sense of immediacy with a sense of theater re: Edward Everett Hale. Similarly, Mr. Chuck Stoup‘s work illustrates a historic breakthrough technically and compositionally, as well as being loaded, much like DC’s subpar film and TV efforts, with tragic and metaphysical portent. What begins as triumph soon becomes corroded into a cacophony of futility in Mr. Bill Jansen‘s powerful composition, which we can’t understand either. Cleverly apropos of our current culture of self-reverence, Mr. Howie Good sheds light on a post-moral landscape that embodies the failed technical sophistication of, say, Zack Snyder’s penis. All the while, horrifically prolific poet Mr. Changming Yuan sharply defines a stunning moment in literary tradition based strictly on a jaundiced cynicism, parroting Beyoncé’s achingly sad attempts at relevancy.

IN PROSE: Meanwhile, Ms. Catty Marlboro (the first woman writer for this issue; c’mon, ladies, send stuff in!) writes with admirable clarity and concision on a subject of extreme complexity, understood only by advanced civilizations not just undiscovered but as yet unborne.

IN CLASSICS: The long-dead Ms.  Phoebe Cary, whose work explores the relationship between multiculturalism and vegetarian ethics, displays new variations generated from both constructed and deconstructed textures. As momentary phenomena become distorted through diligent and critical practice, Mr. Shay Tasaday raises important question about acquired synesthesia and recycling cultures in a piece or is it because we just didn’t have any new prose for this issue?