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When the Blackberries Hang Swollen in the Woods

August 1, 2010 - by Mr. Shay Tasaday, Editor in Chief

This month’s selections: In this issue, we serve a summer picnic of piquant poetry and prose. In her first selection for the journal, Ms. Melanie Browne immerses herself in strong poetry and semantics, emerging phoenicianesque (et dusty et hirsute) as the toughest man south of the Picketwire — next to me, of course. Lady pilgrim! Mr. Bill Jansen tastefully substitutes a narrow commodity determinism for the larger truths of primitive consumrism. Pardon. Mr. Sam Hamod elucidates the relationship between poultry, state weakness, and transnational security threats. Please pass the drumsticks. Mr. John Muth‘s latest poem depoliticizes recent trends of globalization and regionalization, with a obligatory resultant eructation. Whew. Mr. Suet Go returns to illustrate the lugubrious side of existentialism, a panic writ large amid modern forms of moderation. Dry the cup! Mr. Gary Lehmann lubricates the unconscious gingerly, gingerly, gingerly now — for a stimulating and seminal look at art cum art. A moment of silence please, and a hug. Mr. Kevin Shea concatenates data instead of merely aggregating verse in a field that is not a part of a group class. Well done, sir. A distinct relative of the famed Emily Dickinson, Ms. Apple Dickinson forms her own response to the monopolization of public memory by the status quo. Isn’t she pretty?

For prose this month, I have taken the liberty of contributing an essay regarding the proper way to conduct an evening of verse. Please pay attention. Celebrity MILFtoast Mrs. Judy Maitland Reggio enlivens these pages; her writing is delicate lace accentuated with a soft feather ornamentation and feminine bow detailing. And what a hottie! Our culture-reporter-at-large Mr. Adam Bulger investigates life beyond the Joshua Tree and may not like what he finds. Sláinte! And Ms. Creeley Piker returns with the second installment of her fractured fairy tale.

In our classic asininity section, we select a poem by a man of colossal genius, G. K. Chesterton, best known for his ontology, Christian apologetics, and detective fiction.

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