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The Long Shadows of the Maples Nearly Mauve

October 1, 2010 - by Mr. Shay Tasaday, Editor in Chief

This month’s selections: “O hushed October morning mild[!]” The words of Frost ring in my heart (as do those of my friend Louise Gluck in my headline). October is the great month of change, of beginning chills and looming darkness! ! In our issue this month, per an Asinine Poetry tradition, are a hayride full of eerie autumnal poems, many centering on the Hallmark holiday of Halloween, and some just abstractly speculative. To start, Mr. Suet Go costumes himself for the occasion, with tragic results. The piquant Ms. Apple Dickinson delivers once again, with a roof-of-the-mouth-burning serving of the morbid. Debuting this month on the site, The Bare-Fanged Contessa describes a noctural transmission to a lover. Similarly, Mr. Hal Sirowitz saws into his relationship again, with typical haunting results. Mr. Alex Galper dresses up as a chrononaut, to show us the world of tomorrow. Mr. Robert Edelstein appears from nowhere, having a field day with a famous forecaster. Mr. Jekwu Anyaegbuna returns, bringing with him tales of the other side. And just as quickly, Mr. Marc Carver dissolves into the existential.

In our asinine prose section, Mr. Stoney Emshwiller gazes into the abyss under his bed and finds that the abyss gazes also. Debuting on the site, Mr. Michael G. Cornelius puts on a familiar white uniform, with tragic results. And Ms. Creeley Piker returns with yet another episode in her ongoing legend-telling.

And, finally, in our classic asinine section, Mr. Guy Wetmore Carryl recounts the story of “an infant gets all that he chooses,” with tragic results.

Oh, and podcast-wise, we have two new productions to chill you this season, Mr. Dustin Michael guest-stars in Episode 80: Let the Asinine In, featuring some of this month’s Halloween-oriented poems. And Mr. Stoney Emswhiller flies in to guest-star in Episode 81: Asinine Stuff, in which he reads his short story from this month’s issue, “Stuff.”

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