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No Fruits, No Flowers, No Leaves, No Birds — November!

November 1, 2010 - by Mr. Shay Tasaday, Editor in Chief

This month’s selections: Truly, autumn arrives, as ever, resisting objectivity and the fixity of definitiveness, although avec cascading foliage. To delight our readers’ verse-form palate in our idiosyncratically timely manner, we have assembled a smorgasbord of tasteful selections to peruse. For an amuse-gueule, Mr. g.g. trollings ensures a complete digestion of commodified poultry that is both metaphorical and literal. As a kind of salad, amid profiteering language, commoditizing of familial harmony, and popular gadgetry, Mr. Fenway Parker expounds on the holiday at hand. The always appetizing Bare-Fanged Contessa, once again atomistically channeling her heroine Adrienne Rich, creates a complex, dialogic poetry that dissolves both complacency and melancholia, avec werewolf. Debuting on the site, Mr. Sean Walsh side-dishes on reality as language, language as physical act, language as language act, language as act act, whether by email, or more email, or both. Also debuting in the journal, Mr. Dave Daniels slices into William Carlos Williams and Al Yankovic, providing a useful philosophical underpinning for a discussion. Professor John Muth returns for seconds, displaying a sensibility regarding legume seed-pods that resists classification. Jersey-born versist, Mr. Larry Lawrence dines beyond the residence on a main course that recontextualizes the experience of marginalization as useful. And Mr. Marc Carver clears the table with a so-called perambulation that deharmonizes social and communitarian by-products by their physicality and “me-ism.”

In our asinine prose section, Mr. Rick Blum carries on with an examination divergent semiological aspects of air travel. Mr. G. Nash proudly performs a special omphaloskepsis, in public, without excuses. And Ms. Creeley Piker serves up another helping of her fulsome furry tale.

And, finally, in our classic asinine section, the Old Gringo proffers some words of wisdom as a digestif.

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