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We’d Click Wine for All of You

December 22, 2010 - by Mr. Shay Tasaday, Editor in Chief

Surrendering to the competitiveness and cloying need for interactivity current in our culture, we’ve added a Like/Dislike feature to the site (and tried to make is asininely idiosyncratic).

1. Select an asinine work.
2. At the bottom of the work, select a link to “Log in and rate,” via Facebook.
3. You’ll be prompted to type in your Facebook username and password (we do this so people will only be allowed to vote once!).
4. From then on, throughout the site, you’ll be able to choose Wine/Like (it’s Cabernet, note the color) or Cheese/Dislike (it’s blue cheese, so it stinks).

Please check it out, rate like maniacs, and let us know what you think.

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