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Review: Genuine Haiku Generator at EveryPoet.com

May 30, 2011 - by Adam Vatterott

numbly, partridge chirps
grimly, barracuda drinks
gaily, plopping, weak

That numb partridge tugs at my emotions, and I empathize with the drunk, plopping barracuda. The best part about this poem? Nobody wrote it. The Genuine Haiku Generator at the prodigious EveryPoet.com can create 7.62 x 1039 lexical arrangements, many of which are amusingly meaningless (much like our own Asinine Poetry). The haiku it generates follow grammar rules, but don’t use preset sentence structures or phrases — that how you know it’s genuine. And genius!

You may ask, “What’s the point of random, thoughtless haiku?” While most of the poems generated are incomprehensible, every now and then you find what the site calls a “miracle of happenstance.” Like my discovery above.

Another favorite features of EveryPoet.com is their Poetic Table of Elements, with numerous user-submitted poems on each element, aluminum to zirconium. “Rubidium, oh Rubidium, why don’t you get along with water? . . . ” The site also boasts a classic poetry archive, a Bushku generator — with a Texas twang, if not not as (thankfully) timely as it used to be — and a 3,600-member open poetry community called The Poetry Showcase. Be warned: The site loves to throw pop-ups at you!

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