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Answer July— Where Be the Bee—

July 1, 2011 - by Mr. Shay Tasaday, Editor in Chief

APPY SUMMER: Not to beat a horse corpse, but this spring, we launched the FREE Asinine Poetry app for the iPhone, and more than 7 billion poetry lovers have chosen to continue to completely ignore it. An amazing number! Did you know that with our app, you can:
• Read each new monthly issue?
• Listen to every episode of the popular Asinine Poetry podcast?
• Record poems and submit them to be included in a future podcast?
• Submit asinine poems and stories you’ve written for consideration in the journal?
• Use Asinine Poetry’s distinctive Like/Dislike (Wine/Cheese) feature?
• Enjoy the easy access you’ve always wanted to the Asinine Poetry store?

Download it now!

THIS MONTH’S VERSE: To wit, Ms. Natalie M. Dorfeld, PhD, contributes a poem that is a progressive work that more than hotly affirms, as one might expect, the juvenility and maturation of this extraordinary journal’s canon. Ms. Apple Dickinson‘s poem allows one to view the world of Bradypus variegatus in context of a post-racial, socially mediated age and its arrival as one of the multitude of outlets exemplifying Eliot’s “pwned newbies.” For her part, Ms. Jenifer Lee Wallace comfortably apposes a sense of exultation with a sense of theater re: vexatious allergens. Similarly, Ms. Callie Cardamon‘s work illustrates a historic breakthrough technically and compositionally, as well as being loaded, like Cage’s work, with tragic and metaphysical portent. In other matters lyrical, Mr. David Alpaugh sheds light on a post-suburban landscape that resists the technocratic discipline of, say, Richard Serra or Steve Erkel. In our flashback poem, Mr. Colonel Drunky Bob writes with admirable clarity and concision on a subject of extreme complexity, all in Spanish!

IN PROSE: Cleverly apropos of the currently cultural memetics, Mr. Skip Toumalou sharply defines a stunning moment in history based strictly on his own point of view. Apropos of nothing, Mr. Bernie Keating journeys back from the future to demonstrate a teachable moment involving illusory superiority and combustibiles. Flamer. Selflessly adrift in the world of religiosity, Mr. Joe Fusco Jr. stretches to encompass the destruction of nuptial-based society amid the quakes of global and virtual precepts.

IN CLASSICS: Mr. William Cosmo Monkhouse debuts here, with a loverly, rhymerly bauble, for you know who.


  1. Oliver Bleakly — July 7, 2011 @ 1:53 pm

    My work explores the relationship between new class identities and urban spaces. With influences as diverse as Blake and Andy Warhol, new tensions are crafted from both simple and complex layers. Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the mind. What starts out as triumph soon becomes corrupted into a hegemony of power, leaving only a sense of chaos and the prospect of a new beginning. As temporal phenomena become clarified through diligent and personal practice, the reader is left with an impression of the limits of our condition. I shall send you some.

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