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The Soldier Month, the Bulwark of the Year

August 1, 2011 - by Mr. Shay Tasaday, Editor in Chief

From the good folks at Atomsmasher.org

THIS MONTH’S VERSE: To wit, Mr. Doug Draime contributes a poem that is a progressive work, one which more than decisively affirms, as one might expect, the juvenility and maturation of this extraordinary journal’s mise-en-scène. Mr. Marc Carver’s poem allows one to view the world in context of a post-racial, socially mediated age and its arrival as one of the multitude of outlets exemplifying Eliot’s “fanboy douchebags.” For his part, Mr. Matt Medina jarringly apposes a sense of exultation with a sense of theater re: domestic drama. Daddy! Similarly, Mr. Jekwu Anyaegbuna‘s work illustrates a historic breakthrough technically and compositionally, as well as being loaded, like Baudrillard’s work, with tragic and metaphysical portent. In other matters lyrical, Mr. Carson Dyle sheds light on a post-suburban landscape that resists the technocratic discipline of, say, Jackson Pollock or Tony Stewart. In our flashback poem, Mr. Daniel Sciarra writes with admirable clarity and concision on a subject of extreme complexity, with a dog.

IN PROSE: Cleverly apropos of the currently cultural memetics, Mr. Richie Narvaez sharply defines a stunning moment in history based strictly on a jaundiced cynicism. Apropos of nothing, Ms. Eileen Budd journeys back from the future to demonstrate a teachable moment involving illusory superiority and the Gaelic diet.  Rick Steves, eat your heart out. Selflessly adrift in the world of literary pretension, our bright young intern Mr. Adam Vatterott stretches to encompass the destruction of identity politics amid the quakes of global and virtual precepts.

IN CLASSICS: Ms. Alice Duer Miller debuts here, with a loverly, rhymerly bauble.

IN PODCASTING: Episode 92: Captain Asinine includes readings of “Budget Meeting,” by Doug Draime; “The Worst Person/The Best Person,” by “The Litany of Seven,” by Jessy Randall and Daniel M. Shapiro (sent in via our iPhone app); “The Litany of Seven,” by Jekwu Anyaegbuna; “You’re Such a Great Poet,” by P-Woody (sent in via our iPhone app); “Trailer Park Dog,” by Daniel Sciarra.


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